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Nan Farquhar, Owner



Meet Nan Farquhar, Move Management Specialist

Nan Farquhar has been an Oro Valley resident since 1992.  Her interest in the move management profession stemmed from seeing an elderly friend moved from her home to assisted living with little notice.  Her husband had passed away and her children lived on the East Coast, consequently her home was sold with everything in it.  Although she dealt with all of this with grace, it clearly was a stressful time for her.  Nan was inspired to take action to create a resource for helping people make such a transition. And so Leave it to deTails, Inc., was born. 

Nan’s experience includes managing a title insurance office, managing an office products store, owning a small marketing business, working for an interior decorator, teaching, and working as the architectural coordinator for La Reserve HOA.  Her natural problem solving, organizational, and people skills help clients make the moving experience as successful and stress-free as possible.  Nan has been helping seniors move for six years.





“My goals as a Move Management Specialist are to work with each customer with respect, to customize and coordinate all the logistics of the moving and home sale preparation process and to give my customer the peace of mind that all the deTails are being taken care of.”

–Nan Farquhar, Owner of Leave it to deTails, Inc.


Nan's staff consists of women she knows personally.  They have dealt with seniors in their own families, and have her same heart for what they do.  They are highly efficient, professional and resourceful.